Tinctures by Cannalife Botanicals

$50.00 per unit

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Product Description

This process uses the magic of ancient alchemy. Medicinal extraction uses cane alcohol to capture and preserve the medicine potential. Available in 3 unique high-end flower strains providing different effects. Recent volume increase to 35ml reflects the recent price change.

A few drops go a long way!

Hybrid: Soothe the Mind & Body

Sativa: Uplift the Mind

Indica: Relaxing the Mind & Body

Lab Tested (THC & CBD per unit):

Hybrid: THC 435mg – 12.44mg/ml   CBD 6.65mg/unit – 0.19mg/ml

Sativa: THC 430mg – 12.34 mg/ml   CBD 33mg/unit – 0.93mg/ml

Indica: THC 496mg – 14.16mg/ml   CBD 10.5mg/unit – 0.30 mg/ml

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